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Brown Recluse Spider Control Nashville TN | Legacy Pest Management
cobweb built in the corner of a wood porch (Shallow DOF)

Spider Inspection and Detection

Our Brown Recluse Service offers piece of mind with a renewable Guarantee.

After the initial service, we offer a monthly guarantee for an additional fee.

Our service guarantees control of Brown Recluse Spiders in and around your home. We will treat your baseboards, cracks & crevices, attic, basement, crawlspace, attached garage, and perform a full exterior service. We are detail oriented and take our time on each service to ensure that the job is done correctly the first time.

Brown recluse spider in front of white background

Brown Recluse Facts

  • The Brown Recluse, or Loxosceles reclusa, is most commonly identified by the Violin shaped marking on the Cephalothorax.
  • Commonly referred to as the "Fiddleback" or "Violin" Spider.
  • One of the main identifying features of the Brown Recluse is it's eyes. Brown Recluse have 6 eyes, arranged in pairs, instead of 8 like most spiders.
  • The violin marking can vary in it's contrast depending on the age of the spider.
  • Brown Recluse are approximately 3/8" long and 3/16" wide.
  • Brown Recluse can typically be found in closets, garages, plenum areas, woodpiles, and sheds.
  • Brown Recluse prefer dry, undisturbed locations.
  • They prefer cardboard as it mimics rotting tree bark so it is best to use plastic containers to store your belongings.
  • A low percentage of the population actually reacts to Brown Recluse bites.
  • A Brown Recluse bite will typically will not become tender until about 8 hours after the bite.
  • Symptoms of a Brown Recluse Bite include chills, dizziness, fever, rash, and vomiting.

"These guys are absolutely amazing. I had a terrifying spider infestation that left me anxiety ridden and when I made a Facebook post telling my friends/ followers about it, Joey saw my post and offered to help! So incredibly friendly and informative; Joey assured me that they had an option for all natural botanical spray so that it wouldn't harm my cats. He also helped put my mind at ease by giving me correct information when I freaked out not knowing what kind of spiders they were, because he did. I will always continue to tell people about LPM, because in my stressful time they didn't just make it a point to help me, but rather a top priority because he came out the next day. My own apartments pest control wouldn't even come out when I had an ant issue a year ago because, "they already came by for the month". I was expected to just wait and live a month with random ants in my place then which left me trying to figure out how to handle it. Not Legacy Pest control though! They're friendly, caring, professional, thorough and tell you exactly what they're doing before doing it. They made my apartment feel like home again!"

  • - Gina Lane


We are ready to handle all your pest control needs.

Upfront Pricing

We will provide a quote for services after performing a quality inspection and informing you of any pest issues that are present. Our quotes are good for 30 days.

Flexible Scheduling

Emergencies happen! We are able to perform after hours service for an additional fee.

Qualified Experts

Our team is professionally trained and we maintain continuing education units which allow us to stay up to date on the latest treatment techniques and products available. This allows us to provide you with better service every time.

Attention to Detail

We perform a quality inspection on your home or business. We inspect inside, outside, and underneath your property.


Do you have these kinds of problem? We got that covered plus other kinds of pest, too. Call us now to know more.


Fire Ant

Customizable treatments to fit your needs while being flexible with your budget.



Customized prescription treatments to protect your health and property from unwanted pests.



We offer two programs: 100% botanical products or traditional treatment methods.



We offer the latest innovation in Termite Protection. Trelona® ATBS offers an alternative to Sentricon and traditional liquid termiticides without drilling into your home and while being flexible with pricing.


Our pest experts are here to help you

  • 24-Hour Service

  • Friendly Staff

  • Qualified Professional



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